Torn or elongated earlobes are common problems.  Over the years, earrings can stretch the earlobes or elongate the piercing.  As the earlobe piercing stretches, the tissue below it holding in the earring gets thinner and thinner.  Eventually, only minor trauma, such as catching an earring on a shirt, is necessary to completely tear through the lobe.

To repair torn earlobes safely and comfortably in the clinic setting, the procedure takes about 30 minutes and can be done with light sedation. Most people do not find this necessary.  Repair of the torn earlobe can be somewhat  tricky.  If not done correctly, there will be a “notch” along the edge of the lobe.  The sutures that are used will melt away, so there are no stitches to remove.

After the earlobe has healed for about 4 weeks, a new piercing can be placed.  We recommend that you have your ear re-pierced here at the CU Facial Aesthetic Surgery, where we have specially designed medical-grade instruments for piercing.

Earlobes that have grown with age can be simply reduced in size as well.  The incisions are cleverly hidden within the earlobe creases.  This is a somewhat more complicated procedure, but is also comfortably performed in the clinic.  This procedure takes about 1 hour and has a similar healing time as earlobe repair.

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