Happy New Year everyone! I finally had some time to write this post about a wonderful patient that I saw last month for her final visit (1 year after surgery). Of course, she gave me permission to show her images and tell her story. Abigail is a lovely young woman who came to see me to change her nose and give her a more prominent chin. These are things that had bothered her since childhood. Abigail is a professional in the energy industry and wants to look her best. She had done her research and was ready to proceed with surgery.

At the initial visit, we discussed what bothers her about her nose and the changes that Abigail wanted to see. She wanted the hump gone, and the tip of the nose turned up slightly. We also discussed the effect of adding a chin implant. In people who have smaller chins, making the chin project more with a GoreTex/silicone implant can help provide balance to the face. Abigail had researched this as well and was thinking the same thing–which is awesome and a good sign!

After that visit, Abigail requested to see “morphed” images of her face. These are images that are ‘photoshopped’ to show the changes that we discussed. They can be very helpful for patients so that they can get an idea of what they will look like in the future. There are also apps that are widely available to do this, but they do not necessarily show what the surgeon feels is an accurate depiction of what can be achieved. Of course, no one can make a guarantee that these morphed images will be exactly achieved after all the healing has occurred.

All that said, morphed images are a very useful communication tool about what each other is thinking and what is realistic. In Abigail’s case, I feel like we came very close the morphed image.

Morphed Image (after initial visit)

Abigail’s surgery went smoothly. It was a routine “open” rhinoplasty with a chin implant. The hump was removed and the nasal tip was narrowed and elevated a bit. Not everything went perfectly, however. The day after surgery Abigail returned to the office for her first check up. We were both very surprised to see that the implant had slid downward off the bone of the chin! Obviously, that won’t do. We did a short office procedure to move it back–no harm done, fortunately. This can happen before the body has time to heal the implant in place. More importantly, it highlights the reality that there are sometimes bumps in the road after surgery that we have to deal with.

At her 1 year follow up appointment, Abigail had no complaints. She is breathing well through her nose and is very happy with the way her nose and chin have turned out. I feel like Abigail has a very natural appearance that fits her face. Her face has a more mature and balanced appearance that highlights the beauty of her eyes. I’m very happy to have been her surgeon and wish her the best!

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